Telecomblogs isn’t only about blogging. From providing insight into various aspects of telecommunication in India, telecomblogs gives you overall picture of telecom industry in one go.

If you think Telecomblogs is making difference in your world by its information contents or if you find the blogs useful to you; please send me feedback. We welcome all your suggestions, requests & feedbacks.

If you think, Telecomblogs should be covering some aspects of telecom industry more than other; please do let us know. We will definitely think on your suggestions.

We at Telecomblogs are determined to keep you informing about ‘Naked Truth’ of Telecom Industry through our blogs. If you think you could help us in carrying out our mission; please do contact us. We welcome all expert suggestions from industry.

Finally by Tariff Alerts- A Tariff Plan Competition Tracker, Telecomblogs hopes to spread the information of Tariff Plans of all major Telecom Operators in India. So be it recent prepaid/postpaid or data plan, we will keep on updating you about the same. If you find it useful; please do let us know by email.

The Telecomblogs,


IEEE Communication Society, IEEE Antenna & Propagation.

Contact: atuldeshpande@telecomblogs.in 

Contact: Atul@ +919891005880

Telecomblogs is committed to non-disclosing of information to any third party vendor or Internet Authority without user consent.

”All views expressed on Blogs are sole responsibility of Telecomblogs. We don’t represent views of any particular individual or group or organization through our blogs. We are independent and non-profit analysts of Telecom Industry. ”


2 responses

14 07 2009

good one… article look pretty thorough … didn’t read all of them yet though 🙂 but will subscribe to your RSS feeds for sure 🙂

26 07 2009

Thank you Gajanan. Looking forward to see your valuable suggestions & feedbacks.

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