New Domain Launch My thoughts about it!

7 11 2009

Today, Telecomblogs proudly announces its association with WordPress with launch of its dedicated blog site for Telecom, Software & Social Media, at ( Now you can visit the above mentioned link to read, visit, comment & subscribe Telecom Blogs, henceforth.

Looking back, it’s not very long when I conceived the idea of Telecomblogs with pals. Why can’t we have a Technology Blogsite in India, to cater Telecom, Broadband, Social Media & IT?  Though, till date I attempted to keep matters with Telecom, henceforth I will attempt to diversify my writings and include IT & Social media as well.

As said, Telecomblogs isn’t only about blogging. It’s an idea; in nascent stage. I am n’t here to make one more V&D or Communications Today or Chips. I am here to write about Technology and it’s all about Blogs at the end!

With this let me start a new chapter in Technology Blogs. Looking forward to see your comments, support and encouragement!

Thank you.


Atul Deshpande





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