The Enterprise of Future: Telus Case Study (Concluded)

9 05 2009

From IBM Study Pages


Canadian telecom provider TELUS excels when it comes to CSR. The company is committed to reducing its own carbon footprint by cutting its fuel and electricity consumption, encouraging employees to telework or use environmentally friendly forms of transport (such as walking, cycling or public transport), and minimizing emissions from airtravel. It has also developed a number of “green” business solutions to help other companies reduce their impact on the environment.

 TELUS is simultaneously making an active effort to reduce waste, with a free program for disposing of unwanted handsets and accessories, irrespective of the carrier. In 2007, it recycled more than 40,000 phones, and partnered with Tree Canada to plant a tree for each handset collected through its “Return and Recycle” program.

 The company also works closely with other telecom providers, law enforcement agencies and government departments to tackle the problem of online sexual exploitation and make the Internet a safer place for children; participates in a number of corporate philanthropy programs; and supports various artistic and cultural initiatives across Canada. These efforts have deservedly earned TELUS a place on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index; indeed, it is the only North American telecom company to enjoy such an accolade.




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