The Enterprise of Future: BT Case study(Hungry for Change)

7 05 2009

(From IBM Study Pages:)

 Yesterday, we were talking about the first trait of ‘Organization of Future’ i.e. Hungry for change and here we are citing the most prominent example of it, BT (British Telecom). Read on:

Britain’s incumbent telecom provider has undergone enormous changes since it was privatized in 1984. It is now a global communications company serving customers in over 170 countries, including major multinational organizations like American Express, Volvo and Unilever.

BT has also diversified into numerous other areas of business. Ten years ago, 80 percent of its revenues came from voice telephony. Today it derives 38 percent of its revenues from its Global Services Division, is Britain’s main broadband provider and has expanded its product range to include TV, home security and CCTV services, among other things.

Some of the changes BT has made – like separating control over the access network from the main business to ensure that rival operators have equal access – have been undertaken for regulatory reasons. But many initiatives have originated from within. One such example is BT’s ambitious 21 networks with a single, all-Internet Protocol (IP) network. The transformation is expected to deliver substantial savings, as well as equip BT to offer next-generation services like integrated voice and broadband, and hi-definition video on demand.





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7 05 2009
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